Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dogs for Protection Purposes

Perhaps you want a dog for protection purposes. If you envision your new acquisition roaming your backyard, lunging and snarling at anyone or anything that approaches your gate, then forget it. Obtaining a dog under such pretenses is only asking for trouble (and a lawsuit), and is heartily discouraged. If, on the other hand, you plan to treat your dog as a true companion and household member, as well as protector, then your qualifications for ownership are acceptable.

It stands to reason that an 85-pound rottweiler with glistening white teeth would certainly be more imposing to an intruder than would an 11-pound Lhasa apso (not that the latter wouldn’t tear into the former— Lhasa apsos were originally bred for this purpose)! However, it is instinctive that all dogs, regardless of breed or size, will actively defend pack members (and, like it or not, you are a pack member) or territory if threatened. If you want your dog to protect you, it is important that it recognize what does and does not constitute a threat. And this is where professional protection training will come in handy.

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